7 April 2016

Popular singer of Schlager songs - Violeta Balkanska from Lovech was a guest in the show "Songs for the Soul" this week on Eurofolk TV. 

One of the most broadcasted signers in the show with her charming smile, romantic soul and love to the song is going to tell us about who are the "causes" of her love in Schlager melodies; about her first appearances infront of an audience; about dozens of awards in competitions at home and abroad... 

She will surprise the spectators and fans with a few songs from her new album, which is to come out soon on the market. The charming performer sings in Russian, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian and, of course, in Bulgarian.

Watch "Songs for the Soul" with leading Miglena Hadzhipencheva on April 7 (Thursday) from 08.00, 16.00, 00.00 and on April 9 (Saturday) at 13:00, 21:00, 05:00 - tv.eurofolk.com/en.