4 April 2016

For the second consecutive year Bulgaria became part of a broader initiative European Days of crafts. Coordinator in our country is the Regional Association of Municipalities "Central Stara Planina", as this year's efforts are supported by the municipalities of Gabrovo, Dryanovo, Elena and Teteven AEK "Ether" AIR "Bozhentsi" and artisans from across the country.

On 2 and 3 April 2016, a number of parallel events in the municipality of Gabrovo and Elena Municipality were held under the motto "With respect to the future". A team from the World Internet Television "Euro Folk" TV filmed the demonstrations, shown in the town of Elena and AEC "Etar" - Gabrovo. The stories of the craftsmen will be included in the broadcasts of television, which are broadcast at 20 more cable and satellite TV channels in Bulgaria and abroad.
Elena Municipality join the European Days of crafts with craft demonstrations and bazaar in AHC "Daskalolivnitsa". Masters from across the country showed their skills in carving, pottery, floristics, knitting, Bulgarian embroidery, weaving belt, "vretenarstvo", knitting with corn husks, Kalofer lace and "plasti". The House of Dr. Christo Momtchilov became a stage for "Theatre of crumbs", and later - in workshop for sugar cockerels. Anyone who joined the "Workshop for all hands" had the opportunity to craft a unique felt cloth.

In the conference halls of AEC "Etar" in Gabrovo were held demonstrations and training on cotton cloth, candle crafting, natural wood sculpture and carving, painting of icons and fragments on the stone, making and coloring of clay figures. Young and old had the opportunity to participate in the dolls workshop and have fun with puppet theater "Racho and Deshka guests at Etar."

European Days of crafts aim: to promote the arts and crafts in all their splendor and diversity; to promote the interest of the general public to a sector with high added value; to create a future for arts and crafts, ensuring their preservation and transmission to future generations, to establish it as an event with good prestige and influence throughout Europe.

The initiative started in France more than 11 years ago, and in 2015, was joined by 13 countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Switzerland.