7 December 2015

Some of the most beloved and celebrated days are approaching – Christmas Eve and Christmas. By old Bulgarian tradition, the season of the winter holidays continues until the middle of January, because  many name days are celebrated until then.

The most celebrated remain the Christmas and New Year holidays, when people gather together with their families, relatives and friends. The night before Christmas is called Christmas Eve. The meals, that the hostess prepares this evening should be an odd number and meatless.

Although as a whole the traditions are the same all over Bulgaria, each ethnographic area has own characteristic details in preparing and meeting these holidays. How they met Christmas Eve and Christmas in the neighborhood of Shumen - “Divdyadovo”, you will see in the eve of the two holidays.

In both programs – on December 24 and 25, the internet television “Eurofolk” will broadcast in premiere two customs – “Badnuvane” and “Koleduvane”, represented by the Group for authentic folklore “Izvorna”, Christmas group, Folklore ensemble “Omaya” and amateurs –artists - all to “Asen Zlatarov 1872” Community center.